The Oracle’s Serenade

Ads | Audio Visualiser Demo
Key Designer
Tools: Adobe After Effects, Adobe Photoshop, Cinema 4D

Many individuals in the world today are constantly moving at a fast pace. Attention spans are shorter, life is a bit harder and everyone’s eyes seem to be glued to a screen. Literature is full of stories and poems with captivating imagery so why should a user not have a visual as equally captivating. The is to replace the normal of text with an organic fluid visual to keep the reader enticed if not memorized.

To compensate for the slow detachment taking place between humans from physical publications like poetry books there has been an uprise in condensing information on the screen to audio readings and podcast. This not only increases the accessibility of content but allows those who aren’t as literate an opportunity to be a part of the conversation.The big question when it comes to this more auditory dominate media is how to prevent individuals from falling asleep, or what visual feedback is there to entertain individuals more visually oriented.

The solution to this problem is not new but restructured. The visualiser is something soothing that has accompanied audio in the past and can be utilized today. Something that keeps and individuals attention focus during short audio so they don’t zone out.

Big Idea
The Oracle’s Serenade immerses and mesmerizes the listener and gives the elegant words of a poet perhaps for the first time visuals equally captivating.

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