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The Process

Design Brief

After the movie Parasite by Bong Joon-ho received the Academy Award for Best Picture; I began to realize the significance of that moment to many. We rarely see that spotlight given to people of color, and the spaces that do—like BET—are dedicated to a particular percentage of that demographic. USA Today reported in an article on June 21st, 2018 that out of all the films that made at least $250,000 at the box office, only 10 percent had directors that are people of color. Although such filmmakers rarely have the spotlight or commercial success, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a beautiful selection to choose from with a lot of hidden gems.

Target Audience

Primary: Filmmakers Of Color
Secondary: Cinephile
Tertiary: Filmmakers


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The film industry provides a very limited view of people of color. This view is often drenched in stereotypes or roles that reinforce generalizations that sometimes play on the trauma faced by that ethnicity. E.g., films about police brutality on Black people, stereotypically having an Asian actor be some kung-fu master…


The Goal Of the “Unsung Heroes Of Film” Gallery Is To Bring Attention To Filmmakers Of Color Who Often Go Unnoticed. These contemporary artists often get overlooked at industry awards shows like the Oscars. The gallery will serve as a space to inspire the next generation of filmmakers; this will also show appreciation for artists who paved the way.


The first order of business is finding what temporary solutions are already being offered to the audience

Empathy Map Model

Answers Empathy Campus Map

  1. We are empathizing with the community of color, filmmakers of color who go unnoticed at awards shows, and young filmmakers looking for inspiration. We are attempting to provide a space for those who don’t get that immediate attention or exposure.
  2. They need to promote one another[space] (directors and actors), have a look at dedicated spaces that allow them to actually be exposed to interested parties.
  3. We see a lot of is stereotypes in modern films: many films that get big attention show enslaved Black people or portray Middle Eastern people as villains or show LatinX as narcos, which can become quite tiresome. There is actually a thread on Twitter making a list of movies that did notrevolve around the trauma that a certain demographic is a victim of.
  4. People complain about film industry professionals using their collective trauma and inaccurate portrayals. Do you really want to see another film about slavery/police brutality?
  5. Today I am seeing directors venture out with new ideas or portrayals by leads of color like Parasite, Candyman, Us — something stepping outside of the usual. [Note: Candyman is a sequel to the 1992 film Candyman so not really a new venture.]
  6. In today’s world, the audience only hears about great movies that get attention from the media, but what about the upcoming filmmakers, the independent films, and the new stars who bring life to their characters?  With most of these films, recommendations are by word of mouth.
  7. A fear of many directors and actors is, if they don’t fit the mold set by those in power and don’t have backing, it’s hard to be successful in the industry. Another fear is that if they present their idea, they will be bombarded by projects who have no actual understanding of the culture.

Skills I have demonstrated in Unsung Heroes:

  1. taking designs from wireframes to
  2. creating Design Systems
  3. utilise critiques to improve my work.
  4. show proficiency Adobe XD for

Name:Ryong Narae
Age: 28
Location: North Georgia
Education: Bachelor of Arts with a Major in East Asian Studies
Job: Museum Curator
Tech that they use : both Mobile and Desktop

Pain points:
-She herself hasn’t watched every film so has a problem making suggestions based on what movies people she talk to like.
-Doesn’t have centralised site that while make it easier to find films for herself so she scrambles through Reddit
- Wants to expose friends and younger Asian Americans to Eastern Films but doesn’t know how to convey in reference of films they already know

-Wants to expose the younger generation of Asian-Americans to cinema beyond Blockbusters.
-Wants to introduce great films of eastern asian in her weekly movie nights
-Wants a centralised place she kind find, discuss and suggest films.

Where they go for information (eg: NY Times, Forbes, Pinterest, in-person conferences, etc): IMDB and Reddit

Name:Fidel Escalera
Location: Los Angles
Education: Cinema Studies at New York University
Job: Independent Director
The tech that they use (mobile/desktop, Android/iOs, etc): Desktop and
occasionally IPAD

Pain points:
Searching for new talent but sees the same faces
Wants update about other independent films in the Latin community
Hates the orange and high saturated filter they constantly show places like Mexico in.
Doesn’t. Have amazing eyesight so he sometimes needs larger type.

Find new actors to include in films he has planned
Open opportunities for more individuals of the Latin community.
Explore and give Latin actors roles outside of stereotypical ones commonly seen

Where they go for information (eg: NY Times, Forbes, Pinterest, in-person conferences, etc): Word of Mouth, Industry Parties
Social media used: Instagram. And Youtube

Name: Kayden Haider
Age: 19
Education: Pursing a Bachelors in Fine Arts for Acting and Directing at Howard University
Job: Student / Theatre
Tech that they use (mobile/desktop, Android/iOs, etc): iPhone and Laptop.

Pain points:
-Was initial inspired by Chadwick Boseman’s portrayal in Black Panther after his time or passing feels lost on inspiration
-Wants to look into other black actors and movies
-Only really is exposed to movies that us black trauma as plot device

To find more Black films that he can relate to
To find other black actors or actress whose career were before his time; that he wishes to emulate. (Since he relatively young people like Spike Lee and Denzel Washington are people. He heard of but rarely got to experience for himself.)
Wants to see people like him get recognition

Where they go for information (eg: NY Times, Forbes, Pinterest, in-person conferences, etc): Social Media, Professors, Co-Workers at the Theathre
Social media used: Instagram, Youtube, Twitter

Name: Felix Lynch
Age: 63
Location: New York
Education: Trained at an art school in Philadelphia
Job: Studio Director and Partner of Sundance Institute
The tech that they use (mobile/desktop, /iOS, etc): iPhone, Desktop, and Laptop.

Pain points:
Wants to help break away from the industrial plants and formulas used by Blockbusters and Studios in the 1970s onward. That tactic of sequels and familiar faces and wants to give the new generation a chance like he was given.
IMDB doesn’t really provide anything new. It highlights. The usual mix of his friends, rivals and associates. He finds it hard to find something new, refreshing, and thought-provoking.

To create opportunities for minorities; he believes that talent is equally distributed but opportunity is not.
To build a foundation for the spirit of the film to live on after he and his associates have fallen out of touch with the world they once knew.
Wants to do something meaningful and maybe mentor a new wave of talent.

Where they go for information (eg: NY Times, Forbes, Pinterest, in-person conferences, etc): Sundance, Social Media, Networking, Industry Parties and Award Shows
Social media used: Twitter, Youtube(has a few interviews), Instagram


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